We are the first to argue that the cars that we interact with at ramsport command enormous admiration with no need for the keys ever to be turned. That said; there is nothing quite like seeing vehicles of this calibre doing what they were designed to do. Below you will find just a handful of the incredible machines that we have worked on demonstrating exactly why they command such respect in the automotive world…

Henri Toivonen Ford Escort MK2

The “Team Total Gold” Ford Escort MK2 RS1800 is a vehicle which commands an immense amount of respect. Build originally for Finnish Rally Royalty; the late Henri Toivonen, the car is among one of the most original and well preserved rally cars of its era, having been comprehensively restored by ramsport in 2015.

The car was returned to us in May 2018 for a complete front and rear axle overhaul in addition to an engine service plus a more typical complete service.  As with any project, regardless of the extent; a vital final process is to give the car a thorough road test to verify that all components and systems are operating to their maximum potential. With this vehicle in particular, this step is all the more vital when pedigree is considered with regard to both appearance and performance.

Ex-McRae Ford Focus WRC

Is there, or could there ever be, a name that resounds through the sport of Rallying further than Colin McRae?

Though the man may be gone; the cars that he assumed control of, however briefly, still resonate with a palpable aura of greatness. To merely host this former McRae Focus at ramsport was an immensely exciting prospect. The opportunity to work on the car and to see her perform is one that we savoured for every minute that she was here.

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