The Ramsport Story

Established in 1985 by Rob Atkinson; Ramsport UK Ltd has been making its mark on the UK automotive industry for well over three decades. In that time, the company has enjoyed notable success across a wide variety of exploits in car building; producing class-topping vehicles in both amateur and professional motorsport and subsequently in the restoration of top-marque classic cars. Throughout ramsport’s involvement in motorsport, we have enjoyed success within several different championships in the disciplines of both modern and historic rallying as well as in rallycross; supporting and contributing significantly to the careers of both amateur and professional drivers.

In 2006 we ran, amongst others, a ramsport-built Ford Focus WRC for the team of Mikkelsen/Floene, who enjoyed nine rally wins including the Cambrian, Scottish and Quinton Stages rallies, the latter of which rendered Mikkelsen as the youngest ever driver to win a UK rally. 2007 yielded further victories at the Fastnet and Speyside rallies, whilst the 2008 season saw Mikkelsen push further boundaries in the Ramsport Ford Focus WRC Car; becoming the youngest ever WRC points scorer (Swedish Rally) and WRC stage winner (Rallye Deutschland), Whilst we also enjoyed two victories at the Speyside and Dukeries rallies plus a second place finish at the Quinton Stages rally, running a Subaru Impreza in the Group N class. Dave Weston Jnr claimed a very creditable 4th overall in the British Rally Championship in 2009 in a ramsport-prepared Subaru Impreza N14. It was also the year that he claimed his first outright rally win; on the Malton Rally. We enjoyed further victories in our rallying campaigns of 2010, 11 and 12 including back-to-back victories at the 2011 & 2012 editions of the Sokendal Rally in Norway.

In 2011 we also ventured into the exciting world of Rallycross. Our team of Suzuki Swifts were campaigned by a variety of customers. We supported both Ryan Weston and Mathew Thomas in the British Junior Rallycross Championship, We also ran two cars in the Senior Suzuki Swift Rallycross Championship. Over the course of the season, we supported Ryan as he fought an impressive campaign resulting in him achieving a fantastic result of 2nd place in the championship, whilst Mathew also achieved a commendable 4th place overall.

Having built a strong reputation in producing winning rally cars, and after noticing a large disparity between the demand for and provision of top-quality restoration companies focused upon the very top marques; Ramsport began to apply its extensive expertise to the art of classic car restoration. Though one might suppose that the two practices differ extensively, there are crucial values that we have adopted from our motorsport practices and now apply religiously to our classic restoration projects. These include a refusal to strive for anything other than the highest quality results, an understanding that no improvement is too small to be worth implementing and a sense of pride in turning out vehicles that are unrivalled amongst their peers. The only significant difference, in fact, between building championship winning rally cars and show stopping classic cars is the ultimate application of the vehicle!

To date, we have been commissioned to restore some of the most exotic, exclusive and iconic cars ever designed including a 1969 Lamborghini Miura SV, A 1965 Aston Martin DB5, and a 1984 Group B MG Metro 6R4 rally car to name but a few. Further to these, it is a rare occasion indeed that we do not have several Porsche models, Ford Escorts or other widely loved classic marques such as Triumph or Mercedes undergoing full restorations in our workshop. We pride ourselves upon executing these restorations with far greater care, passion and dedication than is expected of us; even regarding cars of this calibre. We have a long list of repeat-customers who testify to the quality of our results which populate some of the finest car collections in the world, with many more available for public viewing in museums and exhibitions. Our workshop is, however, open to any owner who requires a proven and dedicated team of experts to breathe new life into their cherished classic.

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